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Who is Byebnk?

Byebnk is a Brazilian financial platform, originally from Belo Horizonte, MG. And as our own name already induces, we have the mission to help people achieve their financial autonomy through the new economy.

Our services reflect the world we are building. We think differently, and that is why we make a difference!

To learn more visit about us section or talk to an advisor!

How do we perform?

In the digital assets area, we manage an index named BBDA. When hiring our services, we replicate the intelligence of this index in our customers' individual portfolios, which can monitor everything via the app.
In terms of traditional investments, we have a commercial agreement with Vermont Investimentos Manager. Vermont is an independent manager accredited by regulatory agencies. Our role is to facilitate customer access to Vermont services.

What is Byebnk's education proposal?

Byebnk operates through several distribution channels with extremely high-quality content. We cover topics from all over the economic/financial world, from macroeconomic scenarios to youngest asset class, whose main name is Bitcoin.

Does Byebnk provide other services?

Yes, we offer a series of services and if you are interested in learning about them, talk to one of our employees.

• OTC: The crypto assets sale on a table;
• Assets tokenization: It transforms a traditional market operation on a blockchain, turning the traditional asset into crypto;
• Venture Capital Fund: The purpose is to invest in high-risk companies, not necessarily Startups;
• Venture Builder: Helps in new companies development and consolidation, relying on Byebnk's wide experience, targeting at these companies fast growth;
• Private pension: PGBL, VGBL, and pension funds;
• Investment abroad: This divided into two options: equity allocation in S&P 500 and the Managed Portfolio option, in the same way, that is done in Brazil, only in the USA in dollarized assets, that is, offering foreign exchange protection;
• Foreign exchange: Foreign exchange, hedge, and trading finance consultancy;
• Structured transaction origination: Debenture, CRI, CRA, leaseback
• Offshore fund structuring and internationalization of assets.

What is BBDA?

BBDA is an investment thesis reflected in an index. This thesis is as follows:

To form a digital assets portfolio, through fundamental analysis, with long-term appreciation potential and which still offer defensive characteristics against economic crises. Operate these assets to reduce their average price and volatility through the technology used for technical analysis and structured transactions.

How to invest and attend BBDA?

First of all, you need to open an account. You can do this here or by downloading the app for the android platform on Google Play or for the iOS platform on the App Store.

After that, it is very simple:

1 Follow the instructions that will be sent to you by e-mail
2 Open the app, click on the deposit session and make a transfer to the reported account. In this session you can also notify the deposit you did; this will help our team to identify your transfer, reducing the entire process.
3 After the deposit is identified and approved, you can see the balance in the app. As soon as the deposit is verified, our team will take care of your investment.

If you make the deposit and forget to inform it, no problem, within 24 hours our team identifies it and performs the other procedures.

In case of doubt, just contact our sales team.

With the assets invested, you can track everything from your app or by requesting information to our sales team!

How much does it cost and how is it charged?

How much does it cost and how is it charged?
There is no cost to open or terminate an account.
There is a 2% management tax per year and a 20% semiannual performance based on Ibovespa. This means that:
✔ Every month we will reduce 0.1666% of the total you have invested;
✔ Every six months we will establish the difference between what you have investing with us and what you would have investing in Bovespa. If BBDA performs better than ibovespa, we charge 20% of this result.

What are the deadlines?

✔ Deposits are processed within 24 hours. As soon as it happens, our team will take care of your investment.

✔ Withdrawals are executed up to d + 2 so that our team can redeem your investments in the best way.

What are the assets?

To be part of BBDA, the asset must represent the new economy and be digital. Besides, it must follow our investment policies rules.
Verify the assets list that has already passed by BBDA:

✔ Bitcoin ✔ Ethereum ✔ Cardano ✔ XRP ✔ NEO ✔ Iota ✔ USDT ✔USDC ✔ KMD ✔ BCH ✔ BNB

Does it have a deposit and withdrawal fee?

Byebnk does not charge you for these services.
It is possible that on the part of the bank exists a fee, will depend on your bank and the deposit form.
Today, we have a receipted account at Banco Inter. Soon, we will have in other banks as well, so customers can make a transaction between the same bank accounts, which the cost is zero.

Can I open an account for my child? Is there a minimum age?

Yes, it is possible to open an account for your child!
Just register on the child’s behalf.

Once the registry on the minor’s behalf is complete, you need to send Byebnk an email with the legal representative's identification document photo within a validity period and with a maximum term of 10 years (front and back), in addition to identifying the minor.

To deposit the resources, the child must have an account in a bank institution (it can be a joint account) so that the capital is sent from this account held by the minor. When it is withdrawn, it must return to a child's account.

Are there minimum values for initial investment, stay in the portfolio and movement?

Yes, there are!
The initial investment, as well as the minimum to stay in the portfolio, is R$ 500.00.
To invest more or withdrawals, the minimum amount for transactions is R$ 100.00.

Does the investment need to be recurring, monthly?

The recurring investment is just a suggestion from Byebnk for you to reach your goals quicker. However, you are not required to deposit every month. You can deposit a bigger or smaller value than suggested (remember that the minimum transaction is R$100.00 for both deposits and withdrawals).

Is there a minimum stay to redeem my resources?


Is my money safe with Byebnk management?

Byebnk is proud to present the highest safety criteria. Whether in investment decisions, assets custody, partner’s choice, and data protection.
To fully understand the procedures adopted by Byebnk, check out our Investment Policy.
Byebnk also conducts an internal audit that monitors all processes, such as investment policy, privacy policy, conduct, and ethics code.

My cell phone was stolen, now what?

My cell phone was stolen, now what?
Do not worry. The most important thing you should know is that the redemption can be fulfilled only for an account of your ownership.
So, there is no misfortune for your stolen cell phone, neither in your protected resources.

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