Understanding BBDA

The F.A.Q has more detailed information. But you can also get in touch with us!

What is it?

ByeBnk Digital Assets - It is the managed digital asset portfolios index of byebnk investors

By investing in BBDA you can:
✔ Have a safe, active and well-managed exposure of assets like Bitcoin
✔ Exchange protection in case of real against the dollar devaluation
✔ A professional team analyzing the new economy assets technical and fundamental aspects
✔ Transparency and profitability!

How to invest and follow?

First of all, you need to open an account. You can do this here or by downloading the app.
After that, it is very simple:

1 Follow the instructions that will be sent to you by e-mail
2 Open the app, click on the deposit session and make a transfer to an informed account
3 Contact our sales team and ask for help
With the assets invested, you can follow everything from your app or by asking our sales team for information!

How much does it cost and how is it charged?

There is a 2% management tax per year and a 20% semiannual performance on the Ibovespa. This means that:

✔ Every month we will reduce 0.1666% of the total you have invested

✔ Every six months we will determine the difference between what you have investing with us and what you would have investing in Bovespa. If BBDA performed better than ibovespa, we charge 20% of this result.

What are the deadlines

✔Deposits are processed within 24 hours. As soon as this happens, our team will be taking care of your investment.

✔ Deposits are processed within 24 hours. As soon as this happens, our team will be taking care of your investment.

Who operates?

✔ Asset Manager: responsible for making daily decisions, analyzing the market, structuring operations and assembling portfolios.

✔ Trading desk: responsible for checking deposits and withdrawals, controlling portfolio orders, calculating collection, checking compliance rules, checking investment policy, and assisting the manager.

✔ Investment committee: Investment committee: sovereign committee in decision-making. Responsible for elaborate and follow compliance rules with the investment policy.

✔ Robots: Robots: They do not participate in decision-making, they are the tools we use to scale our operation, provide agility, take more opportunities, ensure safety and profitability.

What are the assets?

To be part of BBDA, the asset must represent the new economy and be digital. Besides, it must follow our investment policies rules.
Verify the assets list that has already passed by BBDA:

✔ Bitcoin ✔ Ethereum ✔ Cardano ✔ XRP ✔ NEO ✔ Iota ✔ USDT ✔USDC ✔ KMD ✔ BCH ✔ BNB

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